Redbird FMX

Advanced flight simulator
for pilot training

the Redbird FMX, Flight Simulator Multiple engine configurations

Configurable for various aircraft models

Multiple engine configurations and controls

the Redbird FMX Flight Simulator in Miami

Motion For Everyone

The Redbird FMX comes equipped with 3-axis, electric motion platform.

Redbird FMX Flight Simulator in Miami

Redbird FMX flight simulator in Florida

The Redbird FMX flight simulator allows us to provide unparalleled instruction to our students. This simulator gives us the advantage of surpassing all the delayed time experienced on the ramp, as well as unfavorable weather conditions. The FMX's full motion platform provides motion as the student operates the simulator giving students the sensation of flight on the ground. The training provided by this aviation training device allows the student to complete flight time requirements and experience while lowering tuition costs. Our Redbird FMX flight simulator could be configured to a Cessna 172 and a Piper Seminole. Contact us today to schedule your appointment on our Redbird flight simulator.